Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Vittorio Arigoni

What little sense of justice I have, I saw it in Vittorio's life. Perhaps, my life could have been like his. But then, we all have what Vittorio had in his heart. What short lives we have, what little time and energy we have, heroes courageously put their passion into actions. They die for it.

Vittorio's death is especially heartbreaking because he could have done so much alive. He touched hundreds of hearts and probably has inspired thousands, and likely changed the world even while he was alive.

It's sad that there's more impact when a hero dies. Just like how I only found out about him after his death. My imagination runs: A man with charisma with his ideals and strong sense of justice, love for the people around him, encouraging the weak and the oppressed, goes out to the world and tries and tries. He shares his songs with love and hope because he knows and saw that justice and peace is achievable. His motto, from what i read, was "stay human". If you are human and see the humans in others, then how can you be cruel to others? If you are human, how can you spray white phosphorus onto others?

Brainwashed humans are mere tools. Perhaps they are all victims as well. Those who spray white phosphorus, they probably couldn't have done it if some humanity was left in them. The less brainwashed need to help the more brainwashed think independently and help them learn history. Because the humans collectively have already learned that oppression is perilious. And we have knowledge that once an oppression is overcome, things are much easier and more beautiful.

Vittorio, your spirit hasn't vanished from this earth. You inspired me and millions of others... One of our heroes died, but I believe that there will be more like you. Rest in peace...

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