Thursday, April 22, 2010

Coachella 2010

I'm gunna make a CD out of songs of Coachella bands. I'll probably burn lots of mp3's. say 30 top songs.

Friday - after missing the flight, getting on the standby miraculously, I met everyone in the crew. Grocery shopping then headed to the house. Beautiful house. Then we went to the festival. parked in the infamous lot 16. Saw... grizzly bear, the specials, etc etc. the pleasant breeze, the grass, dancing happy people, people in love, the music in the air, so amazing. so great. celebrating our beautiful lives.

  • We first saw 'the Specials': old geeky people. reminded me of the magnetic fields. i was overwhelmed by the atmosphere that i just danced away. the colorful memory was absolutely unforgettable...
  • Then we went to see Pretty Lights. Jim freaked out seeing all the young kids, the fucking ravers. lolol. But I loved it. The powerful techno beats were felt by every cells in my body!
  • Grizzly Bear: absolutely love their beautiful sound. the melody, the instruments, this show was for lovers. This show made me swear that I'll go to Coachella with a lover next time. I almost resented all the lovers lying around kissing and sucking. Their languid mysterious voice was mesmerizing.
  • We saw a little bit of 'La Roux' next. I couldn't see her famous hair style. It sounded okay - too bad that I didn't know their music very well.
  • Echo & the Bunnymen: can't remember. Man, was I on something?
  • LCD Soundsystem: Awesome! Geeky chubby intelligent vocalist. Their chitty chatty amusing live shows - Fun Fun with edgy cool rocking awesomeness.
  • Then, we must have ate or something. Yeah, we ate something. And then we went to see some "Jay-Z". Powerful and charismatic. But i thought the diamond was stupid. He wanted the audience to make a diamond with your hands.. I hate it when anyone tells me what to do.
  • Then went to... Whitest boy alive. I forget what he was like. It's just too much trouble doing homeworks. Some German dudes. I'm not sure if I like the band name. I realize again that the band name is really really important.

Saturday - partied late but here are the bands that we saw:

  • Beach House: Pretty Pretty tunes. A new pleasant discovery. My kind of songs.
  • Edward Sharpe & the magnetic zeros: I remember enjoying but forget.
  • Gossip: Jenn and I went to see them. Fun. There is something about divas that I love. The short fat vocalist with a big voice. She was everyone's heroine.
  • The xx: I wish i knew more of their songs. They played at SXSW and i meant to check them out.
  • Dirty Projectors: They were the band from Yale. Jim wanted to see Ivy league bands and I secretly did too. I'd describe their music as eclectic and unique.
  • Hot Chip: man, we were so far away, I don't even know how they moved and sang. It was like listening to the radio. I hear their live is amazing.. so this, i have to see again.
  • MGMT: I can't fucking believe that I missed this. Those old bastards - Rik and Jim. ;)
  • Flying Lotus: esoteric, weird, strange, but good hip hop. I couldn't tell if it was hip hop or techo.
  • Dead Weather: Who knew it was Jack White? The femme fatal vocalist was just an eye candy. Jack White looks like a genius, sings like a genius, and has a genius facial expression. Needless to say or check that the femme fatal and Jack are lovers. A pair of dark lovers.
  • 2 many DJ's: This Belgium band is absolutely brilliant! They use fun smart visuals/simple animations and excellent mix of all the 90's hit. 00's hits too. I will def not miss their shows in the future. Their shows are musts.
  • Intoxicated, we all got in the hot tub deep into the night after the show.

Sunday - Pavement. Thom York, Jonsi. Spoon.
  • At this point, we didn't really care who we were missing or who we were seeing. Started off Yo La Tengo. I liked the fact that they were humble looking, which makes me biased to think they have more talent. The drummer was like an 아줌마. But their 15 minute guitar solo and jamming sucked. I have no idea why they sucked given their fame.
  • Jonsi - Icelandic Sigur Ros weirdo. What a freak. He's really like Bjork, but several notches higher, is what Jim described. Agreed! It was definitely an entertaining show that I could not take my eyes off the stage. His fashion sense was quite entertaining with native american costumes with the headdress. His posture: bent over concentrating on his voice was memorable.
  • Spoon - So cool. The coolness is what they have. I saw the guitarist at the airport and smiled, nod my head to him. He acknowledged back but in an awkward way. Perhaps they are not used to the fame yet? He was surprisingly short. Spoon's catchy songs are fun.. not cheezy and def not cheezy when you see them live.
  • Pheonix - The whole area was fucking crowded. But, I found a spot and barely saw them on stage. The singing along crowd was fun. I bet it was more fun up front.
  • Pavement - oh my. Stephen Maulkmus. I have a crush on this dude. He was the rock star there. He had the moves, he sang well, he played the guitar with style, he dressed right. He might be too white for me, but I won't kick him out of bed. The music? Was good. I wish I knew more of them. The keyboardist, green t shirt guy was a turn off. but it was okay overall since it was only a few of seconds when he was howling like a retard.
  • Thom Yorke: Another elite that separates himself from the rest of the commoner musicians. genius class, is where he belongs. But, again, we were way too far. Jenn and Rik lying on the ground, which is why we were stuck back there. ;)
  • Gorillaz: Very cool. Awesome. But Rik and Jim wanted to go, damn them. :)

Although we had to see crowds of seventeen year olds, I will be returning!

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