Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Going to SXSW

I'm at the SXSW 2010 in Austin, Texas. I am inspired by a lot of creative minds and the culture that has sprouted from here.

So far, I am seeing & feeling :
  • Summaries, analyses, insight of our current experimental culture especially on social networks and location based social networks.
  • Wow factors - coool things that wows us.
  • Personalities - edgy, quirky, experimental people who are sharing how they are playing with the world using the internet/current affairs. (Ze Frank)
  • Lots of how psychology affects our behaviors and how we interface with technologies/services.
  • Abuse Issues - digital id thefts and crime in the virtual world. Trying to wrap my mind around the hacker's criminal minds. (I'm getting half of it - the part that you feel the glee of figuring out a puzzle)
  • Film - I saw the White Stripe documentary at the Paramount Theater. (Interesting enough to blog. will blog about it soon)
  • I'm having positive feelings of obligation to tweet and share with friends and fellow minds. Because if anything is cool, stuff at SXSW is cool.

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