Monday, January 4, 2010

Giving away my VW Passat V6

I'm giving away my car because I don't drive much anymore, moved to an area that is hard to find parking, I tried to sell it on craigslist but that was a pain, and thought it would be nice and fun to just give it away.

2000 VW Passat V6-GLS-102K miles, 5 speed(manual transmission). Fun car to drive loaded with all the options. Leather seats, all power, winter package(heated seats), Traction control, cruise control, Sun/Moonroof, Premium stereo with 6 CD player, Dual front and side Airbags, ABS, rear sunshade. Regularly maintained. Color of the car is seal grey with tan leather interior.

I recently replaced the timing belt, the turn signals, and the windows.

* The tires need to be replaced and remember that the maintenance for this car is NOT cheap.

I have decided to give my car to whoever I think needs it the most. Send me a paragraph or two about your situation and why you need it. I'll choose one and we'll arrange the delivery.

Deadline: 3pm, Jan 16, 2009 PST


  1. That was my dream car circa 2001 and it still looks new. Any second thought to donating it? :)

  2. A sweet 18 month old in the bike trailer in 30 degree weather! (no car + baby = a lil challenging!)

  3. Wow that is so awesome...My name is Christina and I am married with two kids. My husband and I have gone through four tough years from living with relatives to living in a homeless shelter where I had my second daughter to having our car repossed. My husband and I have been on and off and we are hoping to mend our relationship. We have lived in 13 different places. We currently are looking for another vehicle and know we have poor credit so we wont get approved I am for sure. I have been dealing with a medical problem that no one seems to know what is wrong with me. I want to work but its a little hard with one car. I have a temp job and my husband just started working... We are getting help through a charity to help pay half our rent. We are still on foodstamps and have medical. Just got off cash aid. It would be a really amazing blessing if we were to recieve your car! I dont know what I would say. Please send me a email and let me know more about you and why you are giving it away
    I am not lying about anything on here there is so much more we have gone through and we would truly prosper from this vehicle!

  4. I have been planning a road trip down south this summer (thinking of reaching Argentina and beyond), and my transportation means until now are hitchhiking and bus rides.

    Having a car would mean reaching my destination more directly, and perhaps coming back with some souvenirs to give away the same way! (Tons of pictures are guaranteed).

  5. my 89 rabbit already is brokendown and dont have money to fix, right now its towgin away a junkyard, I realy need a car to get rid at my two kitds,and go to my work and my school. my future its in your hands. Thanks god bless yuo

  6. Helen,
    Wow, this is one of the most generous things I have ever seen.
    My story, I am married with two great kids. I lost my job last January and have been doing freelance work since supplemented by unemployment. We are getting by but it has been a struggle. I am going to open my own business this year, a running shoe store, and getting a car would really make a difference. I am having to sell my leased car so we only have my wife's car.
    I have an idea, since you are committing a great random act of kindness I will advertise that "This car was given to me as a random act of kindness, pass it on" on the sides, rear, backwards on the front so people see it in their mirrors. I have a friend that owns a sign company so we can do that part for free. I think it would be great to promote those random acts of kindness that you have so graciously begun. I will then commit to give away a random pair of running shoes monthly when my store is up and running (no pun intended).
    Thanks for your time.

  7. WOW!

    I am married, and the father of two beautiful little girls. I recently started back to work and have been fortunate to find a position where I will be able to provide for my family for the most part. The problem that I have is that after the end of January the position that I started in December becomes a full time on call management position. I live in Santa Rosa and work in Petaluma. My wife will be forced to quit her job at the end of January as I will require full use of our only vehicle and being on call there would be no assurance that I could also get her to and from work. We are both using the car for our commutes for now however it is requiring that we put nearly 120 miles on the car some days due to conflicting schedules and childcare. Our current vehicle is a 96 Mazda Protege and it has around 150K on it already. Not sure how long it will be able to handle that kind of daily use.

    You are turly generous in this offer and I hope that you are able to be a true angel for someone who will continue with your generocity.

    God bless and good luck.


  8. Hello Helen,
    My name is Meghan Wristen and I would like to be considered as a possible recipent for your oh so kind generosity!
    Let me tell you a little bit about me first though.... I am one of five kids, who is also the Sen10r class president at Deer Valley High School. Having this title I am very commited to my school as well as my church events. My mom works night shifts, making it hard to get me places, she often has to go out of her way to help me fufill my many commitments.So in the mean time I have been saving all of my babysitting money for a new car, however I can not really purchase a reliable car within my budget. Tomorrow January 6th, 2010 is my 18th Birthday, this passat would be a fabulous present for me personally because a VW passat is my dream car. But this opportunity would also be great for my parents,taking the burdens off of them and no longer having to "taxi" me around, they would be thrilled!Receiving this car would allow me to now use my savings towards my college experience, instead of spending it on a car to travel there.
    Please help me make my 18th Birthday the best ever, if you have any other questions please email me at
    Thanks Helen hope to hear from you!
    Wishfully waiting Meghan Wristen!!!

  9. I must start off by saying I find this almost impossible to believe, luck has been so harsh for me lately, I must admit at time I have felt like giving up. I am a person who feels it’s irrelevant to dwell in self pity, I have made my share of mistakes so my test a trail has been bloomed by no one other then myself. To introduce myself, I am a single mother of three; I have an 11 month old son, a 5 year old daughter and a 9 year old son, whom mean the world to me. Last year was an incredible learning experience for me, I nearly lost everything. But I refused to give up. In January of 2009 I gave birth to my beautiful son, brought him home only to find out three days later he carried the Sickle Cell disease, not to knowledgably about the disease I nearly lost my mind thinking my son had a disease that would limit his life. Let’s just say god is good being my son is healthy as any normal child. Last year I had to move a total of three times with my children to be able to afford rent and etc. Because of lost wages and garnishments, due to all the time I was required to miss work, to accompany my son at his Hematology appointments. My only means of transportation broke down this past month, which I had purchase last then 6 months ago from (craigslist) And have been using public transportation since I have no problem with it but is so hard with my three children and the cold and wet weather and a bit stressful being my 11th month old immune system is not as strong. Also being garnished 25 percent of my current income from student loans…it’s been hard. I was searching for another car for my kids and me when I came across your ad; I thought to myself this might be spam. But I realized that if I was in any situation to help someone life become more sufficient, I would do the same, and this insured me that there are good people around. I think this is a really good thing you’re doing, because everyone goes through some type of hardship at time or another. Hopefully God leads you to the person and or family who need it most. God Bless..If there is anything you need to know or would like to ask please email me at Thank you.

  10. Hello Helen!:D

    My aunt Michelle told me about your car, and I thought this was such a generous thing you're doing. Not that I'm using flattory to persuade you but yeah. Basically, my name is Anh Thai and I am a 16 year old Junior going to school at Milpitas High. I have a 3.64 accumulated GPA unweighted who is aspiring to go to UC San Diego, Irvine or Davis, whichever I get accepted to. ^_^ But anyways,I actually live in San Jose and the commute is very difficult on my family. I live with my mom who is a single mother. She works from 9AM to 6PM so I never have a ride home sadly. My mom can never get off work to pick me up so I just usually take the bus home or beg to stay over at other people's homes until my mom gets off work. If you ask any of my friends, I'm best friends with all their parents because I stay over so often :D! But anyways, It's been just the two of us since I was 7 and she works very hard to take care of me on her all by herself working 2 jobs and going back to school to finally get a steady career. I feel really bad seeing her work so hard for me so I got a job as soon as I turned 16 so I can help her out with rent and what not. But even with that money I know she can never afford a car for me on her own. I get really envious of my friends who have parents who can buy them cars. But I understand my mom's situation. Grr, I didn't really want to make this sound like a sob story -___-, sorry. But anyways,having this car would be so helpful for me. I could finally drive myself home afterschool, and make my mom have to worry less about where I am afterschool, whether I'm safe, etc. I'm also on my school's badminton team and having a car would mean not having to worry about how I'm getting to practice and what not. I was even considering saving up to buy a bike because I was desperate for any means of transportation. If I get chosen I would appreciate this opportunity so much because it would be so beneficial. I'll save up from the money I get working for maintenance and car insurance myself because I don't want to put anymore pressure on my mom having to pay for it. I truly do respect you for what you're doing here, and wish you luck in finding the winner of this. I'm sure you'll get tons of willing applicants! ^_^

    Ps. Sorry this was so long O_O I actually didn't realize how long it was. & my email is if you want to contact me, talk or want me to tell my aunt Michelle anything! ^_^

  11. Hello Helen,

    I too am amazed that there are people like you in this world that would give away a car to a total stranger just because it is within your heart to do so.

    Though my story is on the same level as the ones already posted , I am also in a very difficult situation and can use a very dependable car to get me to a job I started recently. I am a single father of a 10 yr old boy and after being unemployed for over a yr and living in shelters as well as section 8 dwellings, I finally started working due to a good friend of mine help me get the job.
    The last place that I lived (a room for me and my son) was burned down to the ground and I lost everything. My only vehicle is a truck with 270k miles on it and has been non operable for some time. My son and I take the bus to school and work which at times means we are on the road for a long periods of time.
    A car like this would help me take my son to school and me to work and I would take good care of it like the way you have.

    Thank you for reading my story and whatever decision you make , I know it will be for the best person you feel deserves your generous gift.


    Cruz Durado

  12. Hi Helen, Awesome gesture giving away your car. I'm 21. I live in Hollister. I'm a Structural Iron Worker. I'm saving money to go to school. The engine on my Pontiac blew up today on the way to work. So I came to craigslist to find another cheap car. I saw your ad and figured, why not? Thanks for reading my comment. And hope to hear from you. Sincerely, Rodney Allen (

  13. I'm suprised you'd put this on craigslist, most of these people are full of shit. a bunch of highschoolers that dont wanna get jobs and buy a car. and some people that decided to tell their whole life story because its all been so horrible that this car would make a difference, ya right. If you can't afford to maintain your own vehicles, how are you gonna afford this? It irritates me how many people think they deserve a hand out.

  14. I dont think I deserve a hand out, but here is my truth! I am a mother of $ kids, ages 11, 5, 3 and 2. I Have been with my husband for 10 years, and in the past year and 1/2 he has turned in to an abusive alcholic. I am now working at an Optical shop and also working on taking my ABO in May, so I can support my kids without his help. Right now I don't have a car, so I walk to and from work wich isn't really that far...5 miles...n God knows I need the excrsise! But a car would help with a lot! I had one...but the transmission went out in it and it was to much for me to spend right now. I am trying to find a place so I am saving all I can. If it is me you pick Great if not I hope u are able to bless someone who can use it! u can contact me at

  15. its very generous what you are doing. if there were more people like you out there we would be in a better world. good luck choosing the right person for your car. i hope you pick the right person. again good luck and your doing a good thing

  16. Interesting post, isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing this.

    Proud to be a single dad