Saturday, January 16, 2010

Gave my car away

Hello fellow earthlings who responded to my car give-away event,

I have decided who to give my car to. It was good to have 2 weeks to think about. The following is what crossed my mind as I was making my decision:

There was a man who had this great idea of putting a sign on the side of the car that would say "this car was given to me". He also said when he opens up his retail shoe store, he would give out free shoes every month. I liked that idea, but he lived far away in Columbus, Ohio. If he flew into San Francisco and drove the car all the way back, I concluded that we would be wasting fuel, time, and energy. The car already has 101.7K miles on it, and it would add another 2-3K just by changing the ownership. I wanted to give it to him, but sadly I had to change my mind because of these reasons.

I decided not to give the car to teenagers. I would say "Use the public transportation". Students are the best group of people to be using the public transportation. So, come on, kids. Don't waste more fossil fuel and use the public transportation.

I couldn't give the car away to broke people. The car is not cheap to maintain and when people say that their cars got possessed by the government or whoever, I think they need cash not a car. Again, use public transportation. That's much cheaper. If I was broke and was given a car, I'd sell the car and use the money to eat and buy other necessities.

There was a film student that I wanted to give it to. But, I learned that her mother is a professor and the mother told her daughter about my car-give-away. From this fact, I assumed that the film student had a functional relationship with her mother, and thought her mother could help her out buying a car.

And there were a couple other things that I took into considerations...

I gave my car to a couple with a kid whose car is dying and who would make the best use of it. Not going to go into further details. But, it feels great to give this car away! Yay to life!

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  1. This is Christina I wanted to thank you for the opportunity for the car and you have a blessed life.