Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Running list on things I want to be changed for Blogger

This posting is an enumeration of things I've noticed using Blogger so far.

  • The font of the posting title is not pretty. I don't like how the title is a link and I don't like the underline.
  • There are too many new-window actions or too many page-reload action. I would navigate away to post, change settings, leave comments, etc. and then I'd have a hard time finding the page back.
  • I've never liked putting labels, tags on my postings. If a posting has a totally different characteristic, then one might suggest posting to a different blog of yours. I wonder how easy it is to move a posting to another blog.
  • The monetization adsense fonts are too big. Is there a way to adjust the font size?
  • I'm not sure if I like the fixed with of the UI, which is a template issue.
  • There should be a space before and after the body of the posting. Otherwise, the post looks too cramped.
  • Space between the postings doesn't feel right. Too much space.
  • When I click on icons of my friends, I expect to see their profile page. But, nothing happens.

Feature Request List

  • I want member/friends icon to be smaller.
  • If members or friends have any new postings, I want the icons to have a highlighted border or something to for attention.
  • I need to look into some gadgets or write a few, but I want to see some calendar format that contains posting data. (like 블로그인)


  1. Nice change already, I like the new layout

  2. I'll be spending a lot of time on this.