Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hello World

At Monterey, me being cool as always.

I'm testing out various Blogger features. I joined the Blogger team at Google and can't contain my excitement these days.

I've been quite an active blogger for 6 years. But, I kept my blog hidden at an obscure robotted Korean blog site for my close friends and spilled all my beans. Now I am coming out of the closet and being an openly public blogger.

The blog service that I use in Korea is called 블로그인 (blogin), which I started to use in Feb, 2004. I liked how I could use the 'labels' and 'public/private' features for each posting. I mainly used this Korean blog as a personal journal or a scrap book or a place to rant.

After I posted this link on facebook, friends suggested that I use Wordpress instead of Blogger. Surely, we have work to do.

Vinay says Wordpress's tools, look and feel, and analytics are better.

Thanks for the feedback. That's the 1st feedback I got. :)


  1. Hello, good coming out, wanna hear yo views :)

  2. hehe, clearly, I should've read your post first :) But in any case, good luck with the blogger work, I shall be very interested in how it progresses, now that I know whose's on the case :)

  3. This takes some courage to be coming out. I just can't say whatever f I want here, can I. It somehow feels like I should behave.

  4. absolutely! It is also about discovering what to say or not, and how to say it. I like the process :)